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The Bar at The Westin Tokyo invites you indulge your palate on our extensive selection of single-malt whisky, scotch, and original cocktails in the comfort and luxury of sophisticated interiors, while you enjoy premium services exclusive to our guests.
Find your own pace in the Ebisu district of Tokyo and unwind in style at the hotel's executive bar where time moves at a different speed. Drop in to savor an unrivaled selection of whiskys and refined spirits selected for the more discerning tastes. We take pride in our collection of premium Japanese single-malt whiskys which have won international accolades and recognition of being some of the finest of its kind in the world.
The Bar reflects a sense of distinction and offers privacy for the sophisticated individual. Enjoy a glass of single-malt in hand, together with the right menu, services, and environment to accentuate a delightful afternoon or evening.

Dewar’s Double Double

Enjoy the refined and elegant taste of Dewar's Double Double.

Crafted using dozens of malt and grain whiskeys, every variation has been aged in four stages, each using a different sherry cask in the last stage of aging.

・21 Years: Single 4,500 JPY/Double 9,000 JPY/Bottle 90,000 JPY
・27 Years: Single  8,000 JPY/Double  16,000 JPY/Bottle 170,000 JPY
・32 Years: Single 20,000 JPY/Double  40,000 JPY/Bottle 250,000 JPY

Dewar's 37

Dewar's Double Double 37 Years

Indulge in the sublime and rich flavor of cinnamon, honey and vanilla of Dewar's Double Double 37 Years.

Aged for over 37 years, each malt whiskey has been blended, mixed together then aged again, finalizing the process in a sherry cask. 

Bottle 900,000 JPY

Togouchi Single Malt Whisky

Togouchi bottled exclusively for The Westin Tokyo

Limited to 210 bottles only, revive with this unparalleled unpeated single malt whisky aged in Togouchi warehouse and bottled exclusively for The Westin Tokyo. 
Togouchi warehouse, located in Akiota, Hiroshima, blessed with a natural environment comprising lush forests and clear streams, making it an excellent place to produce whisky that perfectly embodies the unique characteristics of the region.
Distilled at SAKURAO DISTILLERY, this Togouchi single malt whisky was then quietly aged in barrels in Togouchi warehouse, where the aroma and taste are slowly refined as the cool breeze passes through all year round.
Take the opportunity and enjoy the scent of fresh green meadow, fruitiness mixed with sweetness from vanilla, and a crisp spicy aftertaste.

Price: Single: 3,200JPY Double: 6,300JPY Bottle: 58,000JPY


SAKURAO bottled exclusively for The Westin Tokyo

Limited to only 231 bottles, indulge in this special release of exclusively bottled single malt whisky from a single barrel of the SAKURAO DISTILLERY, which boasts a history of over 100 years in Hiroshima. Enjoy the woody and smoky aroma with a rich and long-lasting aftertaste from the sherry cask, elevated by a hint of the gentle scent from Seto Inland Sea.

Single: 4,000JPY
Double: 7,900JPY
Bottle: 70,000JPY


Revive with this exclusive elixir - The Westin Tokyo's first original white tea craft gin.
Exuding a reinvigorating white tea aroma that reflects Westin's well-being concept, this premium Japanese craft gin is exclusively produced by "Sata Souji Shoten", a long-established shochu distillery in Kagoshima renowned for its top-notch sweet potato shochu.
Using a mellow yet fragrant shochu base spirit signature of the distillery, the craft gin is infused with a bespoke blend of botanicals comprising juniper berries, white tea, lemongrass, yuzu and citruses. Enjoy the robust freshness and aroma from this limited-edition spirit that brings your palate to life with a clean finish.

Glass: 1,700JPY
Mini Bottle (100ml): 4,200JPY

With water tonic: 300JPY
With sparkling water: 300JPY